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Rocky III review

At this stage, we have been going through a courageous journey with our hero, but now thanks to the adaptability of many of the cast, the boot is seemingly put on the other foot, with genuinely excellent results

Rocky II review

Undoubtedly the best scene of the whole film is when Mickey joins Rocky in the hospital chapel and gives the killer line that, if he is going to blow his big chance, he’s going to sit there and blow it with him.

Philadelphia review

Welcome to my first review for Major Film Reviews, first I must thank my great friend Nathan for allowing me to carry on his excellent work, as well making me very nervous by trying to live up to his exceptionally high standard of work. Now let’s get on with what we’re all here for, the…

Creed II Review

The first Creed was somewhat of a pleasant surprise, not only a spin-off, but a spin-off of a series that outstayed its welcome almost 30 years ago, it had no right to be as good as it was, but there it was. Given the films stellar cast and stellar director, there are few reasons to…