Good Boys Review

A terrible comedy is many measures worse than a bad drama. There is simply nothing worse than comedy that falls flat, it is the simple measurement of raw despair, hence why the worst films I’ve reviewed in all the time I’ve been a critic have been comedies, and now we have a new contender.

Coming from producers Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, whose signature brand of comedy can be hit-and-miss, and basically consists of people or things doing crass things that they shouldn’t be. It was food produce last time round, now it’s children.


Three best friends, Max, Thor, and Lucas (Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon and Kieth L. Williams, respectively) embark on a trip to purchase a new drone after Max destroys his fathers original. On the way they get sidetracked by drugs, alcohol and bad language.


It is very rare that I swear on this site, there is no reason for this, besides the fact that I don’t need to most of the time, but I feel it appropriate here: Good Boys is fucking awful.

Not just awful; but embarrassing, tone deaf, and monumentally stupid. It really is the worst film I’ve seen in some time.

About half an hour in, I considered walking out of the cinema, which isn’t the best of starts, but my critical integrity made me stay. It just goes to show that I should probably listen to my instincts more often, as it didn’t get better, in fact, it got worse.

The plot is completely non-existent, a scrambled mish-mash of every high school comedy you’ve ever seen, complete with every possible cliché. It’s almost like the ‘writers’ (as much as they can be called writers) had a comprehensive checklist of every banality from school comedies, and seeing if they can squeeze every one of them in.

I have nothing against stupid comedy, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is one of my favourite films of all time after all, but there’s a certain nuance to making it work, having talented writers for a start, and the scribes of this are to writing what a parrot is to weightlifting.

In a few ways, it was everything I was expecting which is what makes it so much worse. Rogan and Goldberg haven’t changed their formula in the slightest to accommodate the changing tones and times of film. We’ve seen every joke they can make about booze and drugs, we don’t want to hear the same thing over and over again but in different settings.

If I were Seth Rogan, I would be embarrassed to see my name attached to this, someone with a career, and a certain degree of talent shouldn’t have entertained this pile of monkey droppings, hell, anyone with two working eyes should have seen how repulsive, and utterly ridiculous (and not in a good way) this film is.

I feel most sorry for the child actors here; put in front of a camera to swear and burn, while we laugh at them and not at them. They expected it simply to be funny because: ‘haha, look at the kids wearing and talking about drugs, kids aren’t supposed to do that, aren’t we wacky’. No, you’re not wacky, you’re idiots.

It’s very rare that a film is so bad that it actually makes me angry, but with each passing minute the more insulted I became. They expect people to pay for this drivel, what more they’re making it many times worse by having children say the stupid shit they come up with. People doing things they shouldn’t be doing is not funny on its own, it needs a reason, and there is no reason for these kids to be like they are.

So, in case you need a reminder, Good Boys is bad. No, not bad, abysmal, shocking, depressing, and mostly, and I’m using this word again because it’s the most apt, embarrassing. It’s embarrassing that anyone thought this script was funny, it’s embarrassing that anyone thought it looked good, and the creators should not just be embarrassed, they should be ashamed, yes, ashamed that they asked anyone to be in this garbage and even worse, to watch it.

If this isn’t the worst film of the year, then it’s a depressing four months ahead.

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