December Update

Hello to readers new and old! It occurred to me recently that I haven’t directly addressed you all, to update you on the happenings in and around this blog and as to why my output has slowed down in recent months.

Simply answer is, I’ve been very busy. As a few of you may know I am a university student, which slows down my time and ability to write reviews, and visit the cinema, I have recently made an effort to go more often, hence why my output has increased recently.

As for the future, I have plans in place for newer outputs. Firstly, I have my yearly Top 10 list, the cut off for which is the 22nd December, and hopefully should be out on here for the 31st December, failing that, it’ll be in the early days of 2019.

Speaking of 2019, in early February, it will mark two years since I started this blog, and to celebrate, I’ll be compiling a Special list of my Top 10 Films of all Time, I haven’t quite decided on its format yet, but whatever I decide it’ll be up on here for early/mid February.

They’ll also be my Oscar predictions list when those nominations are announced. I enjoyed compiling last years, and I’m looking forward to seeing the nominations and adding my inevitable two cents.

Apart from these lists, I’ll be aiming to post AT LEAST one review a week as of the New Year, along with monthly specials, be that a film theory post, some creative writing, or whatever that might be, I will be aiming to increase my output on here over the next few months, I’ll also be launching a monthly film podcast in January. I thank each and every one of you for your continued support and readership.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Mr Opinionated (Nathan)

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