The Virtue of Misery – A Poetry Collection

Happiness is Overrated

Being happy is not the be all and end all,

It does not solve your problems because you wear a smile.

Misery may not be pleasant,

But it gets shit done.

Are you more likely to do a job better,

When overjoyed or annoyed?

Happiness is a distraction,

It should be treated as such.

Life is not happy

Nor should it be.

Constant happiness is unbearable,

Especially in others.

I enjoy the rainfall,

Because for all it’s supposed grimness.

It has purpose,

It gives life.

As does sun,

But the rain doesn’t burn.

Unless it is very polluted,

In which case we have bigger worries than rain.

Your Children are Not Special

If every child were one in a million,

There would not be one born every minute.

A child is not a miracle,

No more than eating a sandwich.

Children are important,

But so is everyone else,

When is the cut off for specialness?

When does it disappear?

Is a child more special than the woman carrying it?

If you ask me, no.

It is merely a clump of cells until it enters this world,

No more special than me or you.

There’s 8 billion of us on this planet,

One day we’ll all die,

Does that make anyone special?

Or are we all insignificant dust in the vacuum bag of life?

Fuck Your Rhyme Scheme

This work is subversion,

It’s not to be taken seriously,

At the same time,

I say this wholeheartedly

Fuck Your Rhyme Sceme.

We get it,

You wrote a poem,


Here’s my response.

Fuck your Poem too.

You feign intellectualism,

Using big words where small would have done,

Overcompensating springs to mind,

Big words hide small personality,

Fuck your thesaurus, too.

You want to grow wings and fly like and eagle,

I want to hear a poem without feeling physically sick,

Your turn of phrase is over-stretching

More than Mr Fantastic,

Fuck your pretensions, friend.

Here’s a final word, in case you didn’t get my message:

Fuck your metaphors,

Fuck your false delivery,

Fuck your aloof attitude,

Fuck your patronisation,

Most importantly of all,

Fuck you too.

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