Poetry Collection 2

I Wish…

I wish there was a better world

I wish death were not inevitable

I wish people were more tolerant,

loving and accepting.

There are no nations on this Earth,

Only chunks of rock

floating endlessly through an aching void

Symbols have no meaning to humankind at large.

The beauty that lives within this world,

Cannot be contained or controlled,

Neither can the population,

They work so hard to corrupt.

I wish more than anything,

For a fair and honest life,

Unfortunately, this is futile,

As nothing will really change.

Years go by and seasons change,

Winter turns to spring,

Here we are, the third rock from the sun

Orbiting an empty void.


What are we?

Are we human?

Do we exist?

Are we imagination?

Does everything we see really belong?

Or the work of a simulation?

What is pleasure?

What is pain?

What is life?

What are we doing here?

Is there an answer to these questions?

Or do we ask too much?

Stale Cake is Better Than No Cake At All – Sequel to White Wedding

Tears stain her dress on an alter of lies,

All alone in that most devastating of moments,

An arm drapes her shoulder, but it was far away,

She could be comforted by a thousand arms,

Yet she’d be all alone.

The flowers wilt as the days events are dissected,

People offer their explanations left and right,

But none seem to offer a REASON,

Did he find someone else? Was he poisoned by a rogue shellfish?

No, she was fooling herself, although perhaps he’d slept in,

Wishful thinking perhaps.

A quiet fell, though not a silence,

This was too serious a situation for silence,

There was not enough calm in the room for silence,

A tension sat over the room like a layer of blubber,

The tick of the clock slicing the quiet determinedly.

The whispers grow quieter as her focus floated away from the room,

She could see the situation before her like a photograph dimmed by time,

Events had frozen in an instant as she surveyed her surroundings,

A string quartet sat awkwardly examining their instruments,

The officiant stares at her feet as noise envelops her.

No warning was given for this sudden out of body experience,

Maybe heartbreak makes one non-corporeal?

The quiet was instantly broken by an errant comment,

The offending dialogue was offered by her mother,

Who gazed mournfully at the probably expensive wedding cake,

Sat smugly on it’s stand, gloating at us from its position of power,

She had the feeling she had missed most of the conversation.

“As my mother used to say,

Stale cake is better than no cake at all.”

Nothing could explain her situation better.

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