Poetry Collection 1

White Wedding

Rice flies as the happy couple walk out of the church,

Observing them from my bedroom window

I sip my tea in disdain.


My cynical mind goes into overdrive

“I give it a week.”

I think to myself silently judging from my high nest


Parked on the street was a white limo,

A bored looking driver in the front seat,

And cans tied to the back to make a racket as they go.


Mothers cry as fathers laugh,

I’m sure many jokes are shared

As they disappear into the horizon


“Never again.”

I wish them well.

I wish them an easy divorce


Her – A Sonnet

A lightning storm engulfs the darkness,

On the day that we met.

A thousand tiny moments have passed,

In the years we have spent.


I was a wandering soul,

Lost and alone,

Stumbling through an existence,

Before you came and

Made my existence life.


Years and years stretch before us,

Like a vast and glorious desert.

You are like the mirage of water,

That gives my journey hope.

Thank you, for just being, her.



Stretching before me like a vast, unending ocean,

Life does go,

Across the windy, barren landscapes of my heart,

You etch your indelible mark upon my soul.


Several years go by, without rest or sleep,

Thousands of miles behind us, like a book we are never to read,

Millions of tiny pinpricks detail a purple blanket-like sky,

We dreamed once, that we’d walk among them,

Naïve fools that we were.


Suddenly approaching in the distance, a body of water rises out of the horizon,

A monster from old times, it eats away the land until only it’s shimmering surface remains,

Dropping to our knees we lap gratefully at its banks,

A great lifeline has been bestowed upon us.


Eventually we reach the end of our journey

For it is not a happy end,

Our mortal bodies crumble to dust,

Our dreams float away,

Like starlight on a morning breeze.


We are, simply

No more.


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